The Great Christmas Decoration Debate

Should Christmas decorations be put out before Thanksgiving?

Target puts it Christmas decorations on sale starting in late October.

Target puts it Christmas decorations on sale starting in late October.

Christmas is a decorative time of year. Many students have been decorating not only their Christmas tree, but their bedrooms as well. Some students are so into the holiday spirit, they even have Christmas trees and stockings in their bedrooms.

”I started December 1st,” said freshman Emma Felegie. Emma also says she has a christmas tree, a mini tree with mini ornaments, and a garland that lights up in her bedroom.

Other freshmen such as Jaidyn Gery and Jenna Dumbrowsky also decorate their bedrooms for the holidays. “Three words. Christmas stuffed animals,” says Jenna Dumbrowsky. Jaidyn Gery has a small Christmas tree and window clings in her bedroom.

Even some classrooms are decorated for the upcoming holiday. In the yearbook/BASH cub room, there is a small Christmas tree in the room, decorated with flowers. In Mr. Fries ‘s room, there are Christmas lights. In the girls locker room, the window is decorated with Christmas things as well.

Some Christmas decorations have been put out since Halloween, igniting the argument about whether Christmas decorations should be out that early or not.

According to NBC News, when stores place their Christmas decorations out this early, it is called “Christmas Creep”. Many people do not think it is appropriate to put Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.

Most people on this side of the argument think that stores are rushing into to Christmas, overshadowing fall holidays. “Christmas decorations should not be out before Thanksgiving,” freshman Olivia Campbell said.

Many fear Christmas will soon take over Halloween, too. Abi Richards says, “I want to enjoy fall while it lasts.”

However, some people do think Christmas decorations should be put out early.

“People can do whatever the heck they want to and you can’t stop them whether you want to are not,” freshman Jenna Dumbrowsky said.

Emma Felegie agrees. “They should because it is good for business and they can shop early.”