“Valentine’s Day! I hate it with a passion. One year—I think it was like third grade—there was a girl that I really liked and everyone, including the girl, knew it. So it was time to hand out the cards and stuff and after they were all handed out and everyone was going through seeing what they got, I dumped my bag and started to look for the one she gave me. She had given me, and only me, a handmade card and inside it said, ‘I don’t like you.’ I was so embarrassed, and of course her and her friends were sitting all together watching my reaction. Oh, but the best part is what I had written to her in the card I gave to her. I wrote, ‘Wanna come over and play video games and stuff?’ When she opened it she just kept looking back and forth from the card to me. You should have seen her face!

I didn’t go back to school until the following Monday.”


HOB – Valentine’s Edition

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