“I had a boyfriend right before Valentine’s Day last year. We weren’t dating for that long but we had liked each other for a while. We would hang out almost every day and had gotten really close. In fact, it was his birthday just a few days before Valentine’s Day and I bought him the shoes he wanted and got all of his favorite candies. My wallet had really taken a toll that month and was about to get worse as I was beginning to buy him things for V-Day. Then, two days before the 14th, he wanted to go to the outlets, so we went there to shop and look around. I remember he was acting really weird and trying to convince me to buy us matching shirts, but I didn’t, so he got mad. Later that day he had me buy us both lunch, and even some for his brother, who wasn’t even there. He dumped me the next day on our one month, also the day before Valentine’s Day. And then I found out he was cheating. I guess you can say I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day.”


HOB – Valentine’s Edition

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