Triumphs of the 2010s

December 31, 2019

This decade was a year of triumph, of celebration for some of the greatest feats of humanity. In this year alone, the world’s oldest living person has reached 116 years old, Simone Biles made history with her double-triple routine, and the world started an actual global discussion about climate change and action to take to save the future.

Activism soared this decade, shown through the momentous protests around the world. Venezuela, protesting President Nicolas Maduro’s rule of the country; Nicaragua, where citizens protested against the government for not reinstating health workers who helped those participating in the 2018 uprising; India, where citizens protested harmful changes in citizenship laws; Britain, where people protested against Brexit; Iraq, where anti-government prayer demonstrations brought the Prime Minister to resignation; Italy, where citizens protested against racism and anti-immigrant sentiment; Hong Kong, where civilians gathered to protest China’s influence; Sudan, where civilians and the military forced Dictator Omar al-Bashir out of ruling; Afghanistan, where tired and beaten down citizens marched hundreds of miles to demand an end to the decades of war in the country; South Korea; where women protested the hidden filming of them; and all around the world, protests against climate change inaction and pollution.

The 2010s demonstrated a decade of freedom to speak, to express, to live for what one believes in.

Among its own victories, the United States began the decade by triumphing in 2011 with the assassination of Osama bin Laden, the founder of terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Under President Obama, the U.S. later triumphed again with the federal legalization of gay marriage in 2015, representing a huge progressive shift in human rights.

Venezuelans protesting against Maduro.

Globally, LGBT and women’s rights have increased steadily over the past decade, with women gaining the right to drive for the first time in Saudi Arabia’s history. The outspoken “#MeToo” movement largely impacted how women are viewed and respected in society, a triumph for victims speaking out against the assault and trauma they faced and vowing it to never happen again, not ever.

Among drastic progression comes technology advances in the last 10 years; astounding and revolutionary to the world. From iPads to smart phones to the development of artificial intelligence revolutionizing the way we live and use technology, there is a good reason Generation Z has been dubbed the “iGeneration.”

Growth of social media, a new way to socialize with our peers changing how an entire generation and all future generations interact, changing the very scope of comedic ingenuity to spontaneity and extreme creativity, from four-second Vines to pictures of memes on Instagram. With the growth of social media comes new jobs, new prospects; first social media developers, then marketers and advertising agents, then social media Influencers.

In tandem with the growth of social media came the growth of online personas, allowing an entire generation to profit off of making videos for their peers or those younger than them. Videos of reacting, playing games, talking to people, skits; all allowing people to connect virtually to one another.

Sudanese student Alaa Salah, dubbed Sudan’s “Lady Liberty,” leads protest chants against dictator Omar al-Bashir.

Development of virtual reality as well as better CGI and graphics in video games allows one to fully immerse themselves in another world, the same way one would have done 100 years ago with a book. Astounding advancements in tech speak to the valor of the human race.

Additionally, this generation has felt a success in the video game of “Minecraft.” Being the best selling game of all time, the open world sandbox allows the player to create anything one’s heart desires.

Lastly, much, much closer to home, the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl Championship title during Super Bowl LII in 2018. Let the years shine brighter and the good vibes flow.

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