ROTC is a great program to be a part of. It’s great because of the people. The working together and being a part of something bigger. You work together with everyone regardless of who or what you are. The program has definitely improved my confidence. I feel a sense of belonging. It showed me I can be myself and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to try new thing and get involved. I’m in [the] SeaPerch [underwater robotics program], and we went to Temple to compete a few weeks ago. It’s basically building a tiny robot and other items and “selling” them to the judges. I’m also in drill, marching perfectly, and color guard, the people who hold the flags and rifles during football games. I [am a freshman and] plan on continuing with ROTC throughout high school and possibly in college. If I were to go into the military when I graduate it would be the Navy because my uncle currently serves in the Navy and he’s someone I really respect. I want to become closer to the people around me. I want to become more confident and proud of who I am and learn how to be myself.


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