[Because of play practice] I get home at 9:30, it’s like 3-9 every day. I’ve had time for other music stuff (band and show choir) during the school day, but other than that, not much. I have to make time to do homework. I’m kind of exhausted when I get home, but I do it during flex and stuff. I like singing. All my friends do. I’ve always kind of done acting, because when I was younger I did the plays at my church. I like singing, so I thought this was another opportunity; I can expand with my acting a little bit. That was definitely some of the draw to [be in the musical]. I was in last year’s show, Snoopy, and in ninth grade I was in “Cinderella” at [Junior High] West. And then the year before that, I was West’s musical as well. It’s just something [to do] in high school, something fun.

-P.J. Riddell

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