Probably the last time I saw my dad [is when I was five]. I remember he didn’t say he was leaving; he said he was gonna be gone for a little bit. Like a couple days. I believed him. I thought it was a business trip, and it wasn’t. I thought I was gonna see him [again] — I think he told me Thursday… I still remember that. Thursday. Didn’t see him, though.

[But] things are just better now. I have new family now — some I picked out. My grandmother [inspires me]. She’s always been there for me when my parents haven’t, when my family members haven’t.  I write poetry a lot. Sometimes I’ll try to evoke some kind of shock if I’m angry or sad. And a lot of my poems can seem kind of depressing, but I write a lot of happy poems. I like people feeling happy. I think most people do.


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