NFL Week 15 Cub Picks Of The Week

NFL Week 15 Cub Picks Of The Week

Chargers @ Chiefs

PJ: Chiefs
Holden: Chiefs

Texans @ Jets

PJ: Texans
Holden: Texans

Browns @ Broncos

PJ: Browns
Holden: Browns

Eagles @ Rams

PJ: Rams
Holden: Rams

Cardinals @ Falcons

PJ: Falcons
Holden: Falcons

Buccaneers @ Ravens

PJ: Ravens
Holden: Ravens

Lions @ Bills

PJ: Lions
Holden: Lions

Packers @ Bears

PJ: Bears
Holden: Bears

Raiders @ Bengals

PJ: Bengals
Holden: Raiders

Cowboys @ Colts

PJ: Colts
Holden: Colts

Redskins @ Jaguars

PJ: Jaguars
Holden: Jaguars

Dolphins @ Vikings

PJ: Dolphins
Holden: Dolphins

Titans @ Giants

PJ: Titans
Holden: Giants

Seahawks @ 49ers

PJ: Seahawks
Holden: Seahawks

Patriots @ Steelers

PJ: Steelers
Holden: Patriots

Saints @ Panthers

PJ: Saints
Holden: Saints

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