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I grew up with Pepper since I was little. I remember when he would never leave my side. Pepper was my grandparent’s dog. He always use to follow me around because we were just close like that. The day of the accident was just a normal day. It was Halloween day of 2014. My grandfather looked out the window and the deck was engulfed in flames. The fire was getting bigger and spreading fast. My grandfather couldn’t find Pepper anywhere and the fire was so big that they had to leave. The firemen said that it was an electrical fire. The house was destroyed and only a few photos were left behind. When the firemen searched the house they found Pepper hiding under my grandparent’s bed. Pepper always hid under their bed because it was his safe place. I remember how gloomy that day was after the fire. What felt like a nightmare, was real. I miss Pepper everyday. I could never imagine what he went through. I just hope that he wasn’t in pain.

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