I never really came out as bi-sexual; it’s just been back there. My brother and I talk about how sexuality can be kind of fluid, you can like anybody at any given time, just depending on the circumstances. I don’t feel like a minority because I am bi-sexual. I don’t really tell people or make a big deal out of it. If someone does make a comment about it in school, sometimes I’ll just say something passive aggressive back. Other than that I feel accepted.

I don’t participate in drama and I’m not popular, although a lot of popular kids know my name because I used to be friends with them. People just kind of talk to me sometimes. But then I have girls who want to vent about drama that I don’t care about, or maybe I don’t like the person who’s venting to me, so it can be annoying trying to be polite.

My parents are very liberal so they are accepting of my sexuality. None of my friends care about my sexuality either. I have a close knit group of friends and we talk a lot, so outside of school I’m not lonely or excluded. My friends are definitely the best part of my life. Some groups of people [at BASH] are very racist or very homophobic. I’m not sure what can be done to fix it. A majority of people are accepting, I think.



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