I’ve always enjoyed different styles of fashion. My wardrobe has a wide array of different time periods, colors, and designs. I often use fashion to address how I feel or how I want to convey myself to others, and I find it interesting to do so. If it is a nice spring day, I might find myself wearing a vintage dress from the fifties, or if it is a cool rainy day I might put on some blue lipstick and a pleather jacket. I get a lot of my clothes from Goodwill, because of the variety it offers, I do not have one distinct style; I just wear whatever I feel.

A few times, I have been judged by my appearance. I would hear girls gossip about what I am wearing, and about my hair when I had dyed it a dark blue. Especially on my bus, a few childish middle schoolers seemed to find amusement in what I wore. I would walk in the hallway and get interesting looks as well.

My soft voice [due to a vocal disorder] is also a topic of interest. It is not something that is always addressed in a rude way, but it is questioned often. Usually when people first meet or talk to me, they ask if I have a cold. But I don’t mind, I am happy with who I am and I find it rather amusing that what I do even matters to people.

I do not care about ridicule from people who are unimportant to me, but I do struggle with the view I have of myself. Sometimes I lose a sense of positivity towards myself, and lose motivation to do work or to even try having fun. However, things like music, fashion, and my friends help me to pick myself back up when I get this way. Expressing myself through art forms and the things I do help me keep moving each day.

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