I started doing (longbow shooting) about two or three years ago. My dad started it for me as an activity between us. It’s fun because it relaxes me by clearing my mind of anything stressful, so I can put all of my focus on my target. Shooting the longbow does not take a lot of skill to do, but a lot of skill to master. I practice about two or three times a week. I shoot the arrow anywhere between 15 to 30 feet. When a person shoots a longbow or a regular bow, they need to be responsible about it, or someone will be injured or killed. To shoot a longbow, a person needs upper body strength. When I started shooting the longbow, my muscles were really sore and my arms felt like they were out of their sockets. The longbow gives you a lot more resistance than a regular bow. My current longbow is a 50-lb. draw bow.This hobby has taught me dedication for activities and to life.”

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