I can’t wait to graduate and make my way in the world. I want to go to The University of Pittsburgh because they have a great Neuroscience program. I became interested in neuroscience all because of a psychology course I took last year with Mrs. Dooley. I thought it was really interesting to learn about the brain and understand why it works the way it does. I really have my heart set on Pittsburgh. I got accepted to a college that’s 40 min away from the main campus but that’s not the one I want to go to. I would consider going to Temple because I had heard their program for my major was awesome but I don’t like the Philadelphia atmosphere. Pittsburgh is more my style and more in my comfort zone.  Another stressor to add to the list is the cost of the college. To go to Pittsburgh it’s a long time away and it is $30,000.00 per year. If I go there, schooling for neuroscience is 8 years. This is a lot of money and very stressful. I hope I get accepted to the college of my dreams. This something that I really want to do and hope to pursue.

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