“My father was a firefighter for 44 years. I joined 5 years ago. My father told me when I was joining it would be good for me,  because I would learn many valuable life lessons. When I asked him what kind of lessons, he said I would find out on my own. A lesson I learned quickly was that you need to be accepting of others. My chief told me on my first day, that I needed to leave all drama at the door. This job is for the community, and not for myself. From that, I have learned to accept others and look past their differences. I have used this in my life a lot, but a good example was at tech, when two people came to me to in an argument and wanted me to settle it. It was petty, and I said to them that you both are right and wrong. That was the end of it. No matter who you are, we should accept others.”

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