One thing that has always made me happy is fishing. I’ve made so many true friendships through fishing, like my friends Tyler, Tommy, and Mat. It all started when I was really young and my dad would go away with friends on fishing trips. I begged him to take me all the time, so finally when I was four years old my dad showed me how to cast on a spinning reel, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s a way that him and I get to know each other. With him working all the time it was difficult for us to bond, so when he was free, we were always finding new places to fish. He’s taught me everything I know about fishing to this day, and it means the world that he still finds time to go out on the water with me. With me driving now, I always go out to fish with friends early in the morning, and nothing compares to showing up to a fresh pond at 5:30 AM with your best friend, tying a lure on, hearing your braided line buzz off your reel and onto the foggy water.

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