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On Trump: A Refreshing Choice for Upset Voters

As the 2016 presidential race drags on, Trump still remains at the head of the pack

March 5, 2016

If anyone would have said two years ago that a multi-millionaire real estate mogul with incredible hair was going to be leading the primaries for the 2016 presidency, most would have called them crazy.

But, alas, Donald Trump has been the GOP front runner practically since the beginning of the race, and most Americans are still wondering why.

Trump is constantly barraged with criticism for his unconventional, unpredictable, and rash actions — and rightfully so. But it is because of these characteristics that Trump might not be a bad choice for America.

On Tuesday, March 2nd, also known as Super Tuesday, a dozen states held their primary elections, where voters turn out to help decide who will be running for president under the Democratic and Republican parties. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton not surprisingly dominated Bernie Sanders — winning 7 out of 11 states. Similarly for the Republicans, Donald Trump left Cruz, Rubio, and the other GOP candidates in the dust- also winning 7 states.

The fact of the matter is this: Trump is not a phase that will go away like many might have thought months ago. He is here to stay, and quite obviously is a serious threat to anyone else running for president.

Let it be known that this is driving the GOP absolutely crazy. The Republicans really do not want Trump to be their candidate for many reasons. First, he is not the typical conservative. His rhetoric is extremely questionable, especially when it comes to specific hows or whats on certain issues. Nor does he preach about Christian values, like Cruz or Carson.

Second, he is wildly unpredictable. Trump has no problem being politically incorrect to get his point across, and if he is supposed to represent the Republican party, there is quite a big risk in that. Plus, they don’t think he could realistically defeat Hillary Clinton, who will probably win the democratic nomination.

But the polls argue otherwise. And in addition to a large number of voters, even big name politicians like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who recently dropped out of the race, are pledging their support.

So the question still remains: If everybody seems to think Trump is so terrible, ignorant, rash, offensive, and fascist-like, then why is it becoming increasingly likely that he could be our next President?

Here are some theories:

Let’s begin with the media. Over the past 9 months, every single media outlet has been crazy for Donald Trump. Everything he says or does is a big deal — mostly because nobody would ever think a presidential candidate would act the way Trump acts. The stuff he says is outrageous, so no wonder he gets more airtime than any other candidate. News stations want more people to watch their programs, and what a better way to do that than to show a famous millionaire running for president telling his supporters about how he wants to build a giant wall to keep illegal immigrants out! Everybody knows about Trump simply because the media has made it impossible not to. Therefore, everybody starts talking about him. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, and for Trump’s sake it has proved to be scarily true.

He also had the advantage of being extremely well known before the race even began. Nobody knew who Rand Paul, John Kasich, or Marco Rubio were, unless they are into politics. But Donald Trump? I mean, this guy is iconic. Almost nobody knows the platforms of Cruz or Rubio, because they’re too focused on what crazy thing Donald Trump will say next, and the reporters will be right there to eat it up.

Trump also is refreshing. Many Americans can’t remember the last time a political candidate was blunt, direct, and courageous enough to speak what is on his mind. More importantly, he is not afraid to talk about touchy issues that politicians shy away from and that Americans actually care about.

The other candidates are politicians. They have mastered the classic Washington robot speech that keeps an even keel and doesn’t go anywhere near the category of offensive or controversial. The truth is, the American public is sick and tired of that, so Trump is a refreshing alternative. He is a candidate that cannot be bribed or persuaded by D.C. bullies, nor corrupted by the political machine. He’s not a career politician; he’s a businessman.

“What I say is what I say.” -Donald Trump at the Republican Presidential Debate on Aug. 6, 2015

Also, a lot of people compare Trump to Hitler, as if they’re afraid he’s going to take over and start a fascist dictatorship. That is not going to happen. Though it is important to recognize how fanatic his followers become, in no way could Trump have any chance of taking over the government. It’s just a little too out there.

Of course, there are lots of concerning aspects about Trump. Quite obviously, he says a lot of things but never provides much explanation on about how he is going to do them. This might sound typical of a presidential candidate, but Donald Trump takes it to a whole different level. He says he’s going to build a wall, but he doesn’t give a realistic source of revenue or justification for this project.

He also seems to repeat the same things over and over again. If there’s a question about economic policy, he’s going to say something about China then tell how he’s hired lots of Hispanics, to prove that he’s not racist.

His outspoken nature is also worrisome. The president has many public duties — speaking at press conferences and hosting dinners. If he becomes president, Trump would be considered a legitimate world leader who is expected to work with other leaders to solve international issues. This is troubling because Trump appears to exhibit a “my way or the highway” mentality. Some fear Trump could jeopardize a plausible compromise as not to kill his own ego.

However, the potential positive effects of Trump’s brashness outweigh the negative.

Inherently, the people of the United States are looking for a strong leader. They are dissatisfied with the Obama administration and seek someone who deeply cares about Americans and American values — not a cookie-cutter politician who does their best to please everyone. Americans want something to change in the government and have been wanting it for a long time. This, when it comes down to it, no matter how much we hear people degrade him, is why a large majority of voters are turning to Trump.

He may be unpredictable and wild, but at least he will hopefully make a decision that is in the best interest of his people. What Trump will not do is sit there and do nothing. Despite the very rough edges, Trump has the makings of an incredible leader — one who is able to get people on his side and take action when it matters.

In the grand scheme of things, Trump’s journey is not a new one. Every so often, this country goes through a period of American nationalism — and Trump’s new rhetoric and energy has awakened this feeling. This country is due for a major political shift, and Trump becoming president could be the biggest thing to happen since Reagan took office. Whether people like it or not, Donald Trump is changing the face of American party politics every single time he takes the stage — and he’s doing it with style.

So can Trump make America great again? We will have to wait and see.

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Jim Gassner
6 years ago

Really like how you stated that people compare Trump to Hitler. It is completely unrealistic and highly impossible for him to take control over the government and start a dictatorship. People don’t realize that there is more than one piece to a puzzle. They just look at one thing that they don’t like and start to think negative about the whole thing.

6 years ago

I think some of these high school students that want Bernie Sanders have no idea how much debt the nation will rack up if he goes through with these plans. Students have no idea how he will pay for free collage which will come out of taxes for all people and I have no intention of giving money away to students for their collage forcefully. Hillary Clinton is a down right feminist and I don’t care about being equal to females but saying they are better than males for revenge is ridiculous, either get it peacefully or not at all.… Read more »

thomas grant
6 years ago

I think that Donald Trump Could be a Good thing for this country, However I also feel that he could get The United States in trouble with Foreign Allies with his not so politically correct ways.

Ben Hartman
6 years ago

I find that most of Trump’s rights are not proper for a American view.

Gerald Fretz
6 years ago

I think Donald Trump is a joke, he has run the election for way too long. There has to be a moment when Americans open their eyes and realize that he is not a good choice for president. He’s a racist, he has incorrect views on current issues, and the only thing commendable about him is his current wealth rank on Forbes. Trump will ruin America and people need to figure this out.

Alex Kidwell
6 years ago

I think that Donald Trump would be a terrible president. Even though he would improve our economy I think that his ideas about other races is completely wrong.

Anthony Garber
6 years ago

Like the first person said the comparison between Trump and Hitler is great. The fact that he has the kind of attitude that he will just walk in and immediately take control of whatever he wants is just ridiculous. There is obviously the system of checks and balances but I do think that he will just find a loop-hole and do what he wants. He was raised with money and is extremely wealthy now so he has a cocky attitude and will do whatever he wants. He’s a business man. Not a president.

Kaitlyn Bartlett
6 years ago

Donald Trump as president will be bad for America. I believe that he’s in it for his own personal gain. He never specifically answers important questions, and instead goes on rants or making fun of the other candidates. However, if it came down to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I’m not sure who would be better, considering that they are both pretty bad in my opinion.

bobby grubb
6 years ago

Go Trump

Brandon McGough
6 years ago

I personally think Donald Trump will be a great president because he a strong willed man who will do what it takes to better and grow our country. Trump’s views will turn the country for the better.

Ed Wagner
6 years ago

I disagree. I believe the Republicans do want Trump as their candidate due to his opinionated and radical ideas.

Josh Patten
6 years ago

donald trump for president will be good because america needs someone who is not afraid to speak their mind and be brutaly honest with america

Rachel Hulswit
6 years ago

I agree that Donald Trump speaks his mind well for sure, but if he wants to win presidency he needs to stop being so immature and attacking others if they don’t agree with him. He’s sexist and has made racist comments, on top of his childlike approach to politics I think his entire campaign is a joke.

Casey Sottanella
6 years ago

I think that Donald Trump would be bad for this country because he is not afraid to speak his mind and what he says is sometimes politically incorrect.

Marlene Moyer
6 years ago

Personally, I believe that Donald Trump is too full of himself to become a president. Americans need a president that is more focused on helping the citizens of the United States, not focused on their own views. Why would Americans want a racist or prejudiced president? America should be an accepting place where anyone has freedom no matter what race. Trump will only bring America more trouble.

6 years ago

I think that although Trump does have pretty radical plans, the way people have bandwaggoned a hatred for him is dumb. I am in no way a political expert, and that is why I won’t get into his exact political views, and I think people should do the same. People should form their own opinions before they take a stance.

Ethan Snyder
6 years ago

Trump is probably the realest candidate in the Republican party at this point. He says what he wants and follows his gut on everything. That is something to be respected in a politician. His policies aren’t that strong and most likely won’t change anything. The one candidate who could make a change to this whole spectrum is the one and only, Bernie Sanders. He speaks with the same passion as Trump, but is the complete opposite in his policies.

Cassandra Welde
6 years ago

I believe that Trump is an awful candidate. Unfortunately, the society that we live in today focuses on the ‘”now” and what everybody has to say when it comes to the present. People choose not to look at the mistakes he has made in the past as far as his business regards. I think that there is going to be an infamous scandal that follows his potential presidency.

Mackenzie Kriebel
6 years ago

If Donald Trump would become America’s new president our country would suffer. He went bankrupt many times, if he took his father’s million dollars and had been smart with his money he could have more than double what he has now. We are going to put a man who thinks being politically correct is unnecessary into a highly political situation. He speaks his mind and gains followers because citizens like his honestly, but he spoke out to a crowd and said he could shoot them and he would still gain followers. This man is not suitable to lead our country… Read more »

Jon Strickland
6 years ago

The Trump administration could truly be the best thing or worst thing that happens to America in this decade. There are so many factors to look at that could go either way. Unfortunately we can’t know what is really going to happen until it happens. So i guess we just have to wait and see.