New Club for Gay Students and Allies

The Boyertown Senior High School now hosts a club for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) students, known as the GSA Club.

The club focuses on discussion about LGBT topics and reaching solutions to personal problems.

The club was organized by junior Courtney Gehret “because it was hard being in a school where you didn’t know many people who were gay”.

Emily Sterner, a senior member of the club, also said it fills a void.

“The purpose is to provide a safe space for LGBT youth and allies to discuss the issues that come with non-heterosexuality in both Boyertown and the world,” she said.

Sterner encourages anyone with even a small amount of interest to become involved with the club. She says, “the number one rule of the club is not to share anything that makes you uncomfortable, so there’s as little pressure as possible. If you just want to come to listen, that’s great, too!”

The club takes place Wednesdays. Those interested can contact advisor and health teacher Mrs. Joylene Sirianni, Room 728, for more information.

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