NJROTC Cadets Push Their Bodies and Support Navy Special Warfare

Cadets from the Boyertown NJROTC Unit pushed their bodies to the limit at the Navy SEAL Physical Training Challenge near Whitehall on September 8th to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation.


Upon arrival, attendees were subjected to an hour of grueling calisthenics. These exercises included scores of pushups, flutter kicks, and jumping jacks, done in unison with the other attendees while being sprayed down with frigid water on an already cool September morning.


Following the completion of the calisthenics portion, competitors were sent to run four miles along the hilly roads nearby. Nevertheless, Boyertown’s representatives, the “Boyertown Elite,” successfully completed the run and recovered quickly after a short water break.


Competitors and Cadets alike were then bussed over to a local karate studio for the penultimate event: an obstacle course designed to test the functional strength of competitors, as well to demonstrate what SEAL candidates face during training. Such evolutions included “log PT,” relays carrying teammates on a stretcher, as well as a rope course made arduous by the addition of spraying water and several young volunteers motivated to knock the competitors off.


Upon reflection, Cadet Petty Officer Third Class Joshua Ward, the unit Physical Training Captain, remarked, “It was not just an individual challenge, it tested us as a team as well. While it was very difficult and tiring to complete the challenges yourself, we accomplished the tasks with ease as a team.”


Concluding the day of rigorous exercise was a memorial service, dedicated to those who served in the Navy Special Warfare community. A particular member being honored was Chief Special Warfare Operator Brett Shadle, who sacrificed his life during a training accident. To commemorate Shadle and the men that passed before him, a firing party from the local Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter fired several volleys, which was followed by a rendition of Amazing Grace.


At the end of the day, Cadet Ward summed up a common sentiment, stating, “The best part was that the money we donated was able to go to a good cause.”


The Navy SEAL Foundation’s stated purpose is, “to serve U.S. Navy SEALs, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen, Naval Special Warfare (NSW)¬†support personnel, and their families,” through the provision of, “critical support to Naval Special Warfare commands, active-duty personnel, their families and veterans of NSW.”

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